REACH stands for Raising Education Attainment Challenge. The REACH Program at the Cornell Public Service Center is a student initiative consisting of Team Leaders, America Reads/Counts Challenge tutors (ARCC), and volunteer tutors committed to supporting community organizations and schools serving children’s academic and social needs.

The purpose of the program is to recruit and mobilize a diverse, talented group of tutors so that they may have the necessary resources, peer support, and leadership to assist in the enhancement of academic achievement of children and youth in grades pre-K-12th.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We don't just tutor... - Dipen Patel (Northeast Kids Count)

So as many of you know, one of the primary goals of REACH is tutoring kids and helping to reduce the education achievement gap (If you did not know this then you do now). But in addition to tutoring, we try to provide a positive environment for the kids we tutor. With these intentions in mind, last Friday afternoon at Northeast Elementary, REACH tutors helped to organize an Easter egg hunt at our site.

Now the effort on our part was by no means extraordinary (Steps for an Easter Egg Hunt: 1) Buys Eggs, 2) Fill Eggs with Candy, 3) Hide Eggs). However the look of excitement it brought the children probably was. The kids practically knocked us over to get to the eggs. I personally was a little scared. We even witnessed some childhood ingenuity. As a two-egg limit was set to make sure every child got his or her fair share, some kids would try to sneak the candy out of the eggs and then return the egg to its originally hiding spot (There was some extra so everyone still managed to find two filled eggs).

In addition, not only did the kids enjoy the event, but the staff could not have been more appreciative. They were delighted to see the joy that our little gesture brought the kids. (And we had a good time ourselves) For a little teaser of the festivities, check out the pictures below. Naturally, you’ll have to join REACH if you want to experience it yourselves.

Can you spot the hidden eggs?

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