REACH stands for Raising Education Attainment Challenge. The REACH Program at the Cornell Public Service Center is a student initiative consisting of Team Leaders, America Reads/Counts Challenge tutors (ARCC), and volunteer tutors committed to supporting community organizations and schools serving children’s academic and social needs.

The purpose of the program is to recruit and mobilize a diverse, talented group of tutors so that they may have the necessary resources, peer support, and leadership to assist in the enhancement of academic achievement of children and youth in grades pre-K-12th.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Reflections of a REACH veteran - Svante Myrick (Paul Schreurs)

I am now in my 8th semester as a REACH tutor and mentor.  With only two months left I find myself reflecting on what my experience has meant for my academic career, my personal life, and my future goals.

            Through REACH I have had an opportunity to pursue interests I never thought possible.  It was thanks to REACH that I am now the youngest member of Ithaca’s City Council.  As amazing as these opportunities have been, REACH remains the most important aspect of my academic career.

When I began at the Paul Schreur’s Program as a freshman I simply wanted to get off campus for a couple hours a week, earn some money, and hang out with kids.  I came to campus to study journalism and pursue a career in broadcasting.  Now, at the end of my undergraduate journey, I am excited to pursue a career in education policy.  Learning about the problems of the achievement gap while simultaneously seeing first hand the stories and lives of those directly affected by inequities in our system lit a fire in me.  I am now motivated to work actively towards a solution.  I know that education is at the core of success, not just for individuals, but for our entire country.  Without a sound and equitable educational policy we will all fail.  

            My service-learning experience has shown me my own personal power.  I may not have the resources, the knowledge or the skill to change the world.  But I have discovered that by showing up every week and giving what I do have to give, I can make a change for these youth and for this community.


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